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Quíbor, Venezuela



Thesis project - Politecnico di Torino


An urban analysis of this sector was performed and the main needs were identified, obtaining as a relevant result of the study the determination of a significant deficit in the supply of housing, adequate spaces in the local market, public spaces, and buildings of social and cultural interest. Based on this study, it is proposed a master plan in the sector “La Ceiba Sur” which seeks to solve these needs: a pedestrian axis that integrates the market area with the rest of the sector and creates a network of public spaces with the existing ones, accompanying this axis are located market stalls and workshops that generate new employment opportunities, a residential set of social housings, a sports park, and a cultural center.

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Current situation

1-Pedestrian Boulevard

Accompanies the important axis generated by the Av. Rotaria, works as a pedestrian connection for the spaces distributed in the master plan. It is proposed to connect the isolated area of the artisanal market with the residential area of the sector through a pedestrian corridor along the natural reserve of the gullies of Quíbor, supported by a crafts commercial area and other services such as bars, restaurants, parking, which leads to a public square. At the same time, it seeks to create a network of public spaces, through an extension of the boulevard accompanied by vegetation and urban furniture, that connects the proposed public spaces with the existing, to improve the dynamic in the area.

2-Public square + Cultural center

For social development that promotes citizen encounters, educational and recreational activities, collective construction, approach to new challenges in digital culture; accompanied by a public square with urban furniture and vegetation.

3-Sports facilities

Various spaces for sports development and community recreation, accompanied by a building that contains areas designed for sports, multipurpose courts, gymnasium.

4-Market expansion+Workshops for craftsmen

To avoid the informal stalls on the Av. Rotaria, it is proposed an expansion of the market, accompanied by other services like restaurants and parking. One part of this expansion takes place next to the existing market, and another on the boulevard. The stalls on the pedestrian corridor have, towards the center, the commercial locals and on the backside workshop spaces, are proposed for the creation of handicrafts, thus creating more entrepreneurship opportunities for the inhabitants.

5-Social housing

Set of social housing to solve the precarious conditions in which many inhabitants live, locating it in an area where there are possibilities of work for them and spaces for their personal recreation.

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