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Mars society competition

Services: Logo design, Presentation design, Visual identity

Year: 2020

For the NÜWA (Mars city-state) project, Florido Studio participated in both architectural and graphic design, see more about the 

This is a new city on Mars, with people. We wanted to focus on a name that is resonant with humankind and not a name derived from the scientific description. The idea was to give it a name that had some roots in mythology as most of it aspires to remind ourselves that after all, we are Human. Nüwa is a mythological mother goddess that is the protector of humans, credited for repairing the Pillars of Heaven; she melted 5 stones to protect the atmosphere. 

The name Nüwa is aimed to describe the design of a city. The city is essentially a massive 'machine' - a network of man-made elements that allow humans to live and prosper on a new planet. In the context of the Martian environment, the city is the protector of humans. It provides:

1) An atmosphere

2) Food - Water

3) Shelter 

4) Power

5) A higher purpose of existence

We proposed a network of 5 cities in different locations, therefore, the concept of the logo derives from the number 5: 5 melted stones, 5 cities on Mars, 5 environmental elements. 5 graphic elements connected as a network.

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