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Florido Studio is a graphic design and architecture studio producing holistic visual solutions for clients across disciplines. 


The studio believes that telling an authentic story through visuals is the best way to connect with an audience. We help to promote the development and growth of brands through their storytelling and essence.


Honored to work as a creative partner in all aspects of our clients' projects. Always trying to find the best tools to create content-driven visuals, helping them bring their visions to life.

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I believe that, when it comes to design, "Less is more"
Mies Van der Rohe



To say designing is my passion

is an understatement

Hi there! I’m Vero (Veronica). I am a designer with a creative and innovative soul. 


My life is a continuous search for professional and personal growth, and how to contribute to society. I'm a work in progress, always learning. I like challenges and going out of my comfort zone (even though it scares me to death) to achieve different things.


I started Florido Studio to combine my passion for creating visuals through design and contribute to people's businesses. 

I was born and raised in Venezuela. But I also lived in Canada for a year. I moved back home and got my bachelor's in Architecture from one of the best Universities in Venezuela. With outstanding qualifications, I earned a scholarship for a double degree program in Italy where I obtained my master’s degree in Architecture, Construction, and City. 


I’ve realized that graphic design is another way to express my creativity. This is why I have been working as a graphic designer for over 3 years and I love it! Creating brands that speak directly to my clients’ audiences through color, typography, and intentional visual direction that promotes their development and growth through their storytelling and essence.

I want to create, inspire, learn, and use my creativity to make an impact. I believe in the power of design to transform the world.

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